Poem: The memory of us

Gedicht Die Erinnerung an uns

There are so many moments in between,

I thought it would not catch me anymore.

Despite all the ages,

my heart can be tempted from time to time.

Sometimes I’m suddenly there and everything is so awfully close

and in my heart

is that pain again.

I think of ourselves and our times,

in which we thought

we will go through life together forever,

I can barely understand it today.

From now on, I will walk the path alone again.

Part of us will always be,

at this place,

the hoard in my heart.

Dear pain,

I understand it,

you can heal,

without rushing.

And I have risen from you again.

I remember,

to you,

to us,

without any annoyance.

But with this pain and the misleading, I’ll stop now.

Everything has it’s time,

I’m ready.

Go ahead,

and remember.

How it all started and I now remembered myself.

The memories will never pass

but I have to go further,

do something for me again,

laugh with my heart and stuff like that.

It’s over, we’re split in two.

Every one of us is fine now, that gives me courage.