My way to the other side of the world

Im Flieger nach Hongkong

The arrival in Auckland is within reach.
There are still 3 hours and 29 minutes to landing.
Only now do I slowly understand what that means to me.
Not just to arrive in Auckland, no, it really starts.
Yesterday’s excursion in Hong Kong seems more like a faint short foreplay about what’s coming up in the coming weeks and months.
In Hong Kong, I was amazed at the window of the bus from the airport to the city.
So I really did not have an idea of ​​Hong Kong before.
Why, too, after all, just a stopover on my way to the actual destination, to other end of the world, New Zealand.
Nevertheless, I could not turn my gaze from all the green mountains, hills on one side and all the water, bridges and ships on the other.
In addition, there was a large white cloud wall above everything that gave the city something mystical to me.
I should stop watching so much science fiction and action movies, no wonder then head to cinema starts.
Contrasting it continued, not only that I felt lost in between because of the foreign written language,

Lost in trainslationFrühstückskarte in Hongkongno, viewed from above, more precisely from Sky100 (393 meters above sea level) I saw a city that conjured a landscape of towers.
Between all the towers in the water again and again cruise ships, container ships, small fishing boats, hotel pools on the roofs next to, tennis courts and Co.Sky 100 HongkongSky 100 Hongkong
Being able to explore the city with someone who grew up helped me a lot.
It gave me the opportunity to question things in order to understand how it is there, these parallel worlds that can be seen in part co-exist side by side.
Finally, at the end of the day, on the way to the airport, I had to think about my time in Bangkok.
It has also been difficult in that time to accept these two extremes and their coexistence.
In the meantime, it almost seems as if one cannot exist without the other.
If there is another way and I will find on my trip?
Something that I believe will forever be foreign to me is the warm hearty meal in the early morning, which is common in Hong Kong, of which I was able to convince myself.
Soups, pasta or even meat for breakfast, at the thought alone my stomach refuses.

After breakfast, I ate a big damn sweet traditional roll and then, except a bit of the milk tea, nothing more down.Mein Frühstück in Hongkong
Man is that strong, but there was already milk in it.
In the tea also the recommended 2 packs of sugar to give in, I could not, what a sugar overdose, while I try at least before Christmas also very successful sugar to avoid as much as possible.
Well, will show how it goes on with the sugar on the journey.
After breakfast we went up the elevator to the 360 ​​degree view in the Sky100 over Hongkong, even though not much was visible through the white fog, I could discover a lot, for example the contrasts and the land of the towers.

Most of the 11 hours, however, I spent in the subway of Hong Kong, a lot of different subways, S-Bahns I’m familiar, but that’s something quite different.
Like a city under the city so to speak, it seemed to me.
For miles we walked, if we wanted to get anywhere in a station to the track, which my way to the gate seem like a long long walk.
Maybe a preparation for the year full of hiking and pilgrimage?
Well, I prefer nature to the artificially illuminated ground, even if it can rain there.
I just love being out getting the fresh air, blowing my head through, sometimes hearing the rain before I can feel it on my skin, or the comforting warmth and power of the sun in my face, each time with me a smile on my face conjures.
Just thinking about it, I’m in a good mood and looking forward to my first walk in New Zealand nature.

But before that, I had the honor to attend my first tea tasting.
I love tea, always, so believed to have a little idea.
Haha very funny.
Something of no idea.
At the same time, I sat in front of Mr. Lau Kwok Ho, who has been selling tea for over 50 years, offering workshops and continuing a long family tradition.Teeverkostung in Hongkong
I usually drink a lot of herbal tea or green tea.
Since yesterday, I am in love with the Oolong tea, it is very gentle, flatters the palate, like a kiss he seems to admit to one who wakes you at the same time, with new energy and freshness.
But one after anonther.
We started with the jasmine tea.
Jasmin TeeGood jasmine tea can be recognized by the fact that it does not contain complete flowers.
That’s not enough, there are the round pallets and the loose jasmine tea,
The pallets alone taste much more intense than the loose pressing and fermenting of the tea.
I was already there, Ray (the friend, from a friend who took time for me) was able to translate diligently and is also a tea lover.
How exciting.
Alone this tea board, which I had previously seen briefly at Ray’s home, there was now here too.
Every infusion of the fresh tea was really celebrated, it looked like art.
I could have looked at him for hours.
This ease and naturalness with which he made the infusions, always eagerly waiting for my reaction.
Yes, you can easily see in my face, whether I like something or not.
The idea of ​​wearing a face burka has already crossed my mind more than once.
The pure, raw tea from a tea cake followed on the jasmine tea.
I did not know anything like that before.
TeekuchenLarge round teacakes, Teetaler have me ever come across, but I know tea cake only since yesterday.
You cannot eat it.
The round cakes, also very different in quality, are often given away as an act of appreciation.
For the preparation of the tea about 5 g of tea cake are broken off and placed in a white bowl where it is then doused for 2-3 seconds with hot water.
There are two different types of tea cake, pure or cooked.
Interestingly, the tea cake only develop a scent after the infusion of the tea before you smell nothing.
Without the raw tea tasting, a fruit contained, we could clearly taste plum.
Since we both could taste it independently, I suspect that it is so, whence the fruity note may have come, it gives the whole a nice taste that slightly bitter is pushed completely into the background.
The cooked it looked quite different, there was no fruit note, it reminded me more of coffee, at least the smell, I do not drink.
My absolute favorite of the entire tasting was the oolong tea, the smell reminded me of fresh summer meadows and the taste in my mouth, made me feel like lying in the fresh grass, taking a deep breath to forget about everything else. Glorious.
At the end, I made my acquaintance with the Hong Kong tea variant of coffee, as you can see we had very small cups, but even with those for me, the kung-fu tea was the second conclusion.
I immediately believe that this tea helps the kung-fus to stay awake and gives them new strength right away, it raises the dead again.
Not mine, definitely not.
My face has betrayed me again and Mr. Ho has laughed heartily.
At least something.
No, I’m so thankful for this spontaneous tea tasting.
To see how Mr. Ho, with the tea, which is so natural for me in my life being part of my life, yes, every tea infusion, has taught me humility and gratitude.
At the same time, once again the little things, already change a lot and make life special.Teeverkostung
With my tea on board, I had to remember that tea is not the same as tea.
I found it funny when I went to my departure gate after the tasting at the airport, to see the special exhibition of the Hong Kong Museum of Art, next to the gate, where the most diverse teapots are exhibited.Teeausstellung am Flughafen von HongkongTeekannen aus HongkongKissing Faces
A successful completion of my day in Hong Kong.

What I take from Hong Kong for me?
Hong Kong is a city of contrasts that has green areas like plants in every corner, which is a great boon.
In the underground of the city where all the subways and trains go, there is a city under the city.
Humility and gratitude for the little things in life and to celebrate them in everyday life.
I love Oolong tea.

So, that’s it for now.
It’s close to “Kia Ora” (Welcome) in New Zealand.

37 minutes before landing in Auckland

It’s already daylight outside, I think as I pull up the window cover in the plane.
Which comes to mind the next moment, that here too tomorrow is about 9:30.
When I look into this beautiful cloudscape tears come to me.
We’ll end up soon.
New Zealand after 15 years, I’m finally here.
There is so much emotion in me.
The tears are some of the most precious tears of happiness, my driving examiner called them, our own diamonds.
He is right.
Until the landing I still go through some things in my head, but suddenly they are forgotten, as we make our landing approach over the water, past the coast of New Zealand towards the runway.
Fantastic this view from the top of the inspiring landscape, the hilly landscape, all the water.
Here I will live for the next 3 months.
I still do not get it.
That will come for sure.
First we land, compared to the other two landings, finally a gentle one.
Hello New Zealand, now we finally get to know each other.
I’m lucky to be here.Landung in Auckland