Am I already in heaven or what?

Peanutbutter Pancake at Foxtrot Parlour in Ponsonby

Wake up and the sun laughs at you.

That’s a great way to start the day.

Put on my shoes, pack my backpack and head to nearby Ponsonby, a hip neighborhood in Auckland.

Said and done.

Auf meinem Weg nach PonsonbyOn the way there, it was busy uphill and downhill.

On my way to Ponsonby listening to good music in my ears I was faster than expected.

Right at the beginning there is the Western Park on the right, where sculptures have been installed to commemorate the diversity of the New Zealand landscape. Granted without the explanation on the sign, I would not have come to it.Western Park in Posonby

Today, it is hot here at the other end of the world, the sun shines directly in the face, as only a lot of sunscreen and a cap can help.

While strolling down Ponsonby Road there are plenty of interesting restaurants, bars, beautiful houses, shops and small guesthouses to discover. Eines der wunderschönen Häuser in PonsonbyPonsonby Road

Every now and then I get a butterfly sailed right in front of my nose.

They do not seem to fly here but to sail. That looks totally fascinating.

Out of sheer fascination, I could not take a picture yet.

Can be set up in the coming weeks I hope.

And what would a city tour be without the obligatory visit to the local bookstore? Right. Nothing.

The women’s Bookshop in PonsonbyThe women’s bookshop in Ponsonby.

In a good bookstore among all the books I always feel right at home.

Maybe I should just open one myself.

Especially in another country, I find it again particularly fascinating to discover what is read here and on their bestseller lists.

After I bought a gift, I went right back.

So slowly my stomach hangs in the hollow of my knees.

It’s time to find something to eat.

The selection is huge, it certainly does not lack.

Only something I can finally eat everywhere.

After some back and forth, reading various menus, I opted for the Foxtrot Parlor in Ponsonby Central.

Alone there, the selection was huge.

But I should not regret my decision, quite the contrary.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love pancakes, so my choice fell on peanut butter pancakes.

Let’s see how they make pancakes here, I thought at my order.

Unsuspecting, I sat down and waited, while I enjoyed a fresh breeze and the view outside.

What I got now surpasses everything ever.

But look for yourself.Peanutbutter Pancake at Foxtrot Parlour in Ponsonby

Peanut Butter Pancake at Foxtrot Parlor in Ponsonby

A big pancake, with baked peanuts, caramelized walnuts, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, edible flowers and cotton candy on top.

Clearly the absolute madness!

Alright at the same time, of course, a sugar overdose and genus explosion. But sometimes that’s what it takes.

I have not known Foxtrot Parlor so far, but I highly recommend it to anyone who comes to New Zealand.

As I sat there and awe-struck this artwork, I wondered if I was already in heaven.

Well, I’m not sitting on a cloud so I do not think so.

Now I can start my way back freshly strengthened.

The way back was surrounded by walled flowers in the ground, what a beautiful sight.

Somewhere on the way back he came.Blumen auf meinem Weg zurück nach Mt Albert

This moment.

I have to think of you, of us.

No idea why.

All at once I asked myself:

Where are you?

How are you?

Are you ready for a new love?

Do you have that little pain in your heart?

Or was it never there with you?



I want to give myself all the time and love.

Instead of thinking back again and again.

After a short break, when tears flow,

I can decide to continue.

Keep going on my way.

Full of memories and anticipation, I am now sitting here, writing these lines and looking forward to the upcoming barbecue in the evening.

But now I lie down again.

I wish you no matter where you are, have a nice day.

All the best,

JaquelineStreetart in Ponsonby