I am back at the 21.1.

So now it is time.
After all the months of hoping, last week I finally got a place in the course for which I had already registered about 3 months ago.
10 days silence and meditating somewhere in the middle of nowhere.
Why did I want that again?
Does it meanwhile come to my mind?
Good question.
Having already spent a few days in silence at the end of October, it seems to me that this is an ideal summer here, as the beginning of my adventure.
A spa holiday will not.
On 10 days it means getting up at 4 in the morning, having breakfast, meditating, meditating, eating in the evening at 9 pm and sleeping.
Total withdrawal of everything.
No reading, no writing (this will probably be the biggest challenge), no distraction, no internet, no watching the others.
Simply put, be with me and with me all the time.
Sounds not so bad at first glance.
It certainly will not.
Nevertheless, Mulmig is now a few days before me.
I wanted it that way.
So go on.
With all of you, I’ll probably report back from silence on January 21st.

Until then, a wonderful time.

Greetings from the other end of the world,