Bay of islands

Cape Reinga

Today it starts.
The excursion to Cape Reinga is finally on.
I assumed that morning in the morning going on and then directly there.
Well thought, really.
The reality was a bit different.
By far better than expected.
New Zealand convinced me already 3 weeks ago during the landing approach, through the breathtaking diversity of the landscape, but I had no idea what was to come.
Probably there is more.
Nonsense, I’m sure.
There’s something going on.
After raining the whole day here in Pahia yesterday, we were greeted today with a big bright smile from the sun.
So the day can only be good.
Right at the beginning of the trip we drove our bus over the 90 mile beach (which is not 90 miles long by the way, because someone has lost, but that’s another story).
The speed limit for buses and cars here is 100 km / h. den Füßen im Wasser
When we got off here for a short while to get to the water, we were warned by horn if our bus driver discovered an approaching car or a bus.
Man imagine, cozy on the beach, unaware of anything running so long and then there is a car with 100km / h.
No, stupid idea.
Therefore, only briefly feet into the water, enjoy the view and continue on with the bus.
Next stop, the sand dunes.
Properly read.
Sand dunes.Sandlandschaftmit dem Bus durchs Wasser
There does not seem to be anything in vegetation that does not exist.
Since I can think, I have never encountered such a variety of shades of green or other natural colors as here.
Unique and impressive.
In addition, the New Zealanders are well aware of their natural treasures.
That’s why they treasure, cherish and care for him.
Never before have I experienced people who are so attentive to nature, aware of their importance, as here.
In reality, the natural resources are absolutely valuable and priceless everywhere.
Just so conscious, it was somehow not me, I had to admit today, while driving through and think about it.
Arrived in the sand dunes, there was the possibility to use the sand board to whiz down the dunes or to enjoy the view.
From there we finally went to Cape Reinga, the place of peace in New Zealand.
What a special place.
Fantastic.Leuchtturm Cape Reinga
On a clear day determines even more impressive than it already.
On our way back we made a stop in the fishing village of Mangonui.
I love these little places to stroll along the beach or stroll along the promenade to watch the sun dance on the water.
The conclusion of our today’s excursion took us to the rainforest, to Manginangina.Rainforest
Just like here, the settlers once found New Zealand in its original state.
An interesting idea.
How did you find that, back then?
After the long sea voyage here to the other end of the world and then they find the big jungle, which seemed hardly habitable before.
In this small idyll also the probably oldest trees of New Zealand grow the Kauri.
First they grow up, but once they reach their final height, they only get fatter.

Back in Pahia, I have had my first ice cream ever since I’m here in New Zealand.
Of course, finally Hokey Pokey ice cream, so I finally know if it is really that good.
It’s delicious, that’s right, otherwise there were other ice creams that impressed me more.

To end the day completely, I still went to the beach.
Another day passes by on my journey.

Tomorrow I’m really looking forward to coming to Auckland for a night to meet friends.