Cape Reinga- The place of peace

Cape Reinga

Since I heard about this place, I knew I had to go there.
It is a magical place for the Maori.
They believe that where the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean meet, the souls of the dead find their peace.
Coming back from where they once came.
This thought is a very nice one.
Just before we reached our destination today, it suddenly became foggy.
The whole area was covered in a thick fog, mystical.
Down to the Cape leads a footpath at the end of which you can reach the lighthouse and look down on the two seas.
Usually you can see it all from a distance.
Not today.
I reached the lighthouse.Leuchtturm Cape Reinga
At first there was nothing.
But that changed abruptly as I came to the edge to look down.
Without being able to see both seas, I could feel it.
Hear how it rumbles, the waves and the water crash into each other, lose each other, united only to then separate again.
For some time I sat down as close as possible to this spectacle.
Looking down should I get my fear of heights, right?
No trace of it.
Something completely different came to my mind.
Whether it’s true or not, hopefully all the souls will find peace here or anywhere else.
It came to me the thought that the people who have already left my life may have found their own.
Do the souls get a guide to finding your peace?
Do you know the way there maybe when the time comes?
After all, it is enough that we live there without instructions or?
I wish that we all find our peace, whether alive or already gone.
At this place, I was able to take a bit of it with me today and wish you all out there, no matter where you are, whatever you’re doing, that you have some peace.