Huka Falls

What a nice little place.
It also has plenty to offer, not just a huge lake, which is the largest in New Zealand, no.
There is something for everyone, whether boating, swimming, bungee jumping, hiking, diving, snorkelling and much more.
Yesterday I went for a walk along the lake in the bush.
Here I was allowed to look at individual caves, which then used the Maoris already. 
Time and again impressed me the variety of trees and plants on every corner.
Not only in the forest itself on the roadside there is always something new to discover.
A trip to the Huka Falls, just one of the many waterfalls in New Zealand, yet the most impressive for me so far, just by the color of the water and the strong current.
Truly a special natural spectacle.

Today another highlight that I am very happy, a mountain.
Not just any, but where there is snow right now.
Totally crazy down here, I almost melt in the heat, at the same time I put on thick clothes, since it is cold up there.
Contrasts where I look.
No trace of contradiction or the like, rather a peaceful one with each other.
So up to the mountain.

Well, the plan was good, the execution definitely has to be done, but that’s it.
I’ve been on the mountain, if only halfway.
It did not continue with the lift today, no snow, cold and windy anyway.
The view as well as the ride there compensated me.
In between, I thought I was in America or that it must look like that there, I was not there yet.

Down from the mountain and back in Taupo the sun shone on me and glittered once again on the sea.

Now there is something to eat, traditional Indonesian cuisine Gado Gado I get.
Let’s see how it tastes.

Have a nice evening or a good morning for you all.
Then it’s time to pack things, tomorrow we continue on the journey to the south.