I am in love, with Welly

Guilty shake at Chocolate factory Wellington

It is a stormy love that at first sight.
Wellington and I love each other.
Already on arrival in the capital of New Zealand, this city opened its big arms and received me cordially.
I do not think about leaving on Tuesday.
The special thing about me is that I am allowed to live with friends whom I met just a few weeks ago.
At home in a foreign country.
This feeling is completely unfamiliar to me, the more grateful I am for experiencing it.
When I first explored this city with my girlfriend yesterday, I started to get a feel for Wellington.
It is compact, creative, alternative, open, warm, loving, beautiful and unique.
Whether it’s a visit to the Te Papa Museum (here you can get acquainted with the history of the country for free), a walk along the harbor, along the coast or a stroll through the many streets.
The diversity of this city just seems to know no end.
Boundaries and boundless she takes you one, one in your heart and will never let out there.
At least that’s what I believe.
Another point that makes my stay here so unique, the conversations with my friends about the various topics that I already occupied before the trip, much more since the trip.
Instead of going to the office every day, I either drive on to the next place or explore the new area, read books that I have long wanted to read, have them read to me as an audiobook or let me drift and go for a walk.
Running is my medicine, I realized that last year, now every day.
Without batting an eyelid, I walk, even though the bus would bring me into the city just 45 minutes into the city uphill and downhill.
The most different things, questions and thoughts come to my mind.
The topic of sustainability, healthy nutrition and my own body fascinate and interest me.
It has to do with the fact that this trip is also meant to help me find out how I want to live in the future.
At the same time taking the time to look at me, how do others live, what life style suits me, what can I look at, would I like to integrate into my life?
I find it fascinating that I notice that the more I immerse myself in one of the topics, the more confused I am sometimes.
It is not a simple question answer game, now and then arises out of a question and its answer three new questions.
It’s amazing how little I know about my own body and what he needs.
Why is that?
Is that just a matter of course over time?
Wake up each day, eat, drink, sleep and live in between.
Without asking, at least as long as everything works?
But what does that actually mean, work, in the case of my body?
I am healthy?
So I really do not know how exactly what works and what my body needs to keep me alive, how I can best support it.
Since today I read the book “gut with charm”, already after the first pages, I am fascinated and shocked, why I do not know all this?
No idea.
But I want to know more, understand what’s going on in me inside.
This trip does not only seem to be a journey of discovery around the world, but also one in me and with me.
Now for today.
Early in the morning we had a relaxed breakfast together at the family favorite café before we went to the fruit and vegetable market in the area to shop for the next few days.
After a short break, I walked into town, where another friend, whom I met during my Vipassana course, was waiting for me.
It flew especially for today and tomorrow, so we can see each other and see the city together.
Our exploration started in a tiny little street, Eva Street.
Just wow.Eva Street Wellington
The street art and the motives all over the city have been impressing me the whole time since I’m in New Zealand.
But here’s the whole thing again a very different Dimenson.

A unique highlight is the shop, which sells homemade peanut butter only through the window. Window Shopping gets a completely different meaning here. Fix and Fogg Peanut Butter Window Shop Eva Street WellingtonFix and Fogg Peanut Butter Window Shop Eva Street Wellington
What a creative way to express yourself.
Around the next corner followed the next highlight, the chocolate factory of Wellington.
I’m an absolute sweet tooth, even though I look for sugar detox to minimize sugar intake, there are deliberate exceptions, this is one.
This chocolate shake tastes as well as purely outwardly considered, a work of art, almost too beautiful to eat it.
In the end I was able to get through with a heavy heart.
Even much less sweet as I expected, perhaps because it’s made with dark chocolate and real cocoa, it’s really bitter too.
I know that at least since my 40 days without sugar self-experiment.
Here there is still real manual work, you can see and feel it.
We went on through the small streets, we could not get out of the amazement.Matchbox in Wellington
Matchbox in WellingtonAlmost everywhere we stopped, be it at the street art or in the small individual shops.
I fell in love again and again.
How good is it that I only have limited space in my backpack.
Therefore, it is said that every purchase is critically reviewed several times due to the price and the need for it.
Proudly I can say, except food and a cable, (my old lost somewhere), nothing has been bought.
Although I’ll probably still buy one or the other, I’ll sleep over it again.
If I still want it tomorrow, I’ll buy it.
Otherwise, I think about it years later, as well as about this bangle in Barcelona, ​​which I did not buy because he was 2 euros too expensive.
Wellington offers something for everyone on weekends, something special, on Fridays and Saturdays there is a food market with a variety of delicacies from all over the world.

For the first time in my life, I ate here a crepe from China, a traditional national dish from the north of China as we were told on demand.
I did not know that at all.
So far, I thought they came from France and have their origins there.
For culinary finale, it should be something sweet again.
After a little search, we found this, even for his ice cream, even awarded shop.

Delicious and everything fresh.
Then it was time for me back home.
Here I take a breather from the day before it goes on tomorrow.
I can not even imagine going south on Tuesday, ie on the South Island.
Anyway, first I’m here and enjoy the time, in my current favorite city of New Zealand, Wellington.