3 angel for Jaqueline

No, I really did not expect that today.
Not in life.
After a very short breather I had to realize that my sunscreen only lasts one day.
In the small market here on the campsite everything is super expensive, so I’m off to the next supermarket.
After all, it’s only 3 hours there and back, the young woman told me at the reception.
I can do that today.
On the way out I ran on the road or directly on the narrow side strip. Relieved, I realized, after about 5 km there was a bike path that I could share.
Running all the time next to the cars is not always such a great feeling, they drive here namely 80-100 km / h.
From my pedestrian perspective way too fast.
Without knowing how many kilometers I still need, with good music in my ears, I went in the best weather just like this.
Then came the first ad, the kilometer.
Another 7 km to the finish.
I would not have thought that.
For the first time, it seemed like a long time ago.
Before I just walked, now with the number in the head it was exhausting.
Is that something psychological?
No time to think about it.
On the whole way I met a few isolated cyclists, whom I greeted in a friendly way.
In between, I stopped once to go to the bathroom and to ask for directions in a café.
In the cafe I even got free cold water.
The lady behind the counter asked me if I did not want to hitchhike, it was still quite a nice walk.
Slowly, I was unsettled when she told me it was still 6 km.
I have come only 1 km since the last sign?
That’s pretty nice.
At this time I am already 2 hours on the road and still not there.
In me the question nagged, I just ran too slowly?
It should take only 1.5 hours and 6 km still.
Damn it.
Is there another way I did not find?
But in order to deal with these questions, I had no time and no strength.
So I thanked for the water and ran on.
In between, the question shot me in the head, will my feet carry me all the way back?
My feet carry me so far, I make the way in Norway?
First, I continue to run.
Suddenly out of nowhere, a car stops taking me down the window.
A nice woman calls me to get in, she takes me.
This great woman, called Tracy, works in the cafe I used to be and has to go to the dentist.
Fittingly, the dentist is right next to the supermarket in the place where I want to go.
On the way we chat nice, we exchange.
We both do not do that normally.
She does not take anyone with her and I do not just get into strange cars.
Absolutely not.
When we arrive in the parking lot of the supermarket, the tears come to my eyes.
At that moment, I realize how finished I am, I can not and do not want to give so much space to that feeling, impossible, after all, I’ll run right back ….
I say goodbye to and thank Tracy.
Now it goes to the supermarket.
Instead of the planned small shopping, I now think about what I really need, helps me to recover in the next two days.
I have everything.
Good, backpack back on and the way back.
The backpack is heavier than before.
The sun is burning in my face, my knees are feeling glistening.
I can not and do not want to give up.
A taxi is too expensive, there is no bus, hitchhiking is too dangerous for me, so just keep walking.
Run, just keep walking.
Every step gets shakier, in me the feeling of not being able to make it up, my knees will give way.
That will not do.
I have to keep going.
One thing is clear to me, if I sit down here somewhere now, I will not get up again.
Tears come to my eyes, I start to curse, my whole body is ready.
It is too much.
I can not anymore.
The assessment of the lady at the reception completely past the reality, that I must necessarily tell her, I still think, while I try not to fall over.
What am I thinking?
From 0 to 200.
Sure, I typically.
In this year of the break I do not get as usual 30 days holiday and Saturday, Sunday weekend.
I myself am responsible for taking breaks, recovering.
Otherwise I burn out, break down.
Burnout or worse.
A solution is needed.
I never wanted to do any hitchhiking, no too dangerous even as a woman alone.
No option.
Without thinking about it for long, I go to the other side of the street, keep my thumb out, fight with tears.
My gaze goes up to the sky, no idea why, but in thi moment, I ask that someone stop and take me with them.
For the Way of St. James and many other trails it says the way gives you what you need.
Why should not this apply here as well as in life in general?
Completely finished, I note that the first cars just drive past me.
Is this a good idea.
No idea.
The best way to stop a woman, right, just no men.
Hello, in what cliché and bias drawer I’m just landed
The bad men is clear.
I take the courage to look up again, try to smile and there.
Suddenly a car slows down and stops.
Two men are sitting in it.
They shut down the window and ask me if everything is alright.
I can barely say a word, the tears are faster.
No, nothing is alright.
It turns out that the two have to go exactly the other way.
Damn what now.
They let me in.
Yes, there are two men and I go to them in the car.
My feeling says it will be fine.
For more I am just not able to do it.
The two are totally cute and try to find out exactly where I have to go.
At the same time, one asks me to calm down.
I am sitting and we are starting to talk.
My two angels are called Ben and Roei and come from Israel.
Finally, my hostel comes into view.
Full of gratitude, we say goodbye, they give me their names and email addresses. I will definitely get in touch with you.
That’s for me.
I hitchhiked into the car even to two strange men and survived it.
No, it is not promised a solid habit.
I realize that it could have been different.
On the other hand, I am grateful to have had this experience.
In the future, I question time information, inquire if the person who gives me this information really has done it himself.
After my return to the hostel, I learn that the receptionist just appreciated.
When I tell her what happened and ask her to give people more accurate time in the future, she is not in the least bit impressed.
Anyway, I’m back.
I release the next two days.
My weekend, then.
I can not imagine if I manage to do anything, but to recover, I definitely do.
Finally, I want to surf for the first time on Sunday or Monday.
I need strength for that.
So now I practice doing the break and let the day end in a relaxed mood.
Really, I could not imagine that in my wildest dreams.
Full of gratitude, I think of my 3 angels today, whoever sent them to me, thank you, thank you.