Actually I only wanted to the supermarket

Auf dem Weg zum Supermarkt


This morning at 9:30 am I left the hostel to get some food at the supermarket, go back and have breakfast.
That’s the plan.
No 100 meters out of the hostel, I just throw it over.
Why not.
The sun shone so vigorously in my face, as if she wanted to tell me, here you are, finally, you sleepyhead.
Here we go.Westport
Today will be a nice day and I will be very happy.
Alright, the message has arrived.
Thank you, dear sun.
Instead of the supermarket, briefly in the tourist info a plan before getting started.
My exploration tour.
The streets up and down, talk to the people, ask where you can look at something.
So Shopwindow, okay it is a handbag, then it went into the bush, along the water.Westport Bush
On the beach, I spontaneously decided to take off my dress, after all, I also want to get a little brown.Westport Beach
Sunscreen on it and the bikini is beach walk with good music in the ears, it will be a dance in the waves under bright blue skies.
Oh man.
My heart leaps up high, making little joy-seekers happy.
Finally, I found my way to the supermarket to come back more than 5 hours after I left this morning.
First, cook something.
I’m so hungry.
Where does that come from?
I can not help laughing.
How good that there is a hammock for a breather.
On into a relaxed evening, tomorrow it goes on the day in the bus on again.