Lake Mahinapua and a memorable costume party

Oh man.
What am I doing here?
Getting crazy?
Maybe a little bit of both
At some point since yesterday I felt back in my youth.
From Westport it was called on to Lake Mahinapua.
My plan was to go to sleep early because I could not sleep well in Westport.
Despite the absolute quiet hostel.
I hardly got sleep.
Too much in me and off with me.
Suddenly it meant shopping for the next 4 days, in the next but one place, there is only a tiny supermarket, oh yes for the costume party tonight you can now buy something.
Costume party?
Wait a moment.
That was not on my plan.
Oh no.
Must I?
Of course I do not have to.
At first I was really relieved, somehow I still wanted to.
Grocery shopping for the next few days was my top priority, so there was no costume for me.
I was never the type for costume parties.
Why should I change something today, I thought.
Arriving at the hostel, there was the opportunity in a costume room to find something for free.
Theme of the evening: Your outfit must have something to do with the first letter of your first name.
So what about J.
Phew ….
Quickly the idea was born, as Jack Sparrow the pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean to go.
And in fact, 30 minutes later, I did not find myself in the room with my arsenal for the evening.
I threw all my thoughts, prejudices overboard.
Let me know.
And that just gave me and the cause a chance.
Slowly it started to be fun, everyone started to think.
Exciting, totally exciting.
In the midst of all this bustle, I felt transported back to my youth.
The day and also the evening is unforgotten for me.
An unexpected costume party, on which I beat myself well with this costume here, including a lot of laughing and dancing lie behind me.
Sometimes it’s important that I just throw away everything I believed I knew, mine, and pretend I was doing or seeing it for the first time.
Just let me in on it, welcome her curiously and see what happens.
Like this time.
So you landlubbers, I’ll go ahead.

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