On the glacier

At 7 o’clock my alarm rang.
Today is the day. My first real hike.
On your own, of course, that goes without saying.
Here in Franz Josef, I really want to go to the glacier to get a closer look.
I already packed my things last night to wake up nobody in the morning.
Shortly after breakfast we started, backpacking up and down the adventure.
Already in the first minutes, I realized what joy my entire body passes through.
Exactly, I just want that.
Half of my time in New Zealand is already over and now it’s time to make friends with my walking sticks.
Above all, because my knees gave me a lot to understand after many a hike, it will not work. So stick with them and see how it will be.
To get to the actual route, it meant first 1 hour direction parking lot, from there it goes up the direct way.
As I walked through the forest, I could occasionally catch a glimpse of my destination, the glacier.
What worried me at first was the signage in the parking lot, at high tide they will have to run through the river bed.
Wait a moment?
I’m ready.
Fortunately, the tide is announced at 9pm.
All right.
On my way up to the glacier, I saw so many great things.
I’ll show you some in the photos.Franz JosefFranz Josef
At the top, I stopped briefly, only to start the return journey.Franz Josef Gletscher
Back at the hostel, I just felt proud and great.
For recreation, I first went to the hot tub, which is almost here in every hostel.
What a luxury.
Already I feel every single muscle of today’s hike.
I do not care about that, though.
I have licked blood and look forward to the next hike.
Tomorrow and today is first recovery on the plan.

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