Look like a cow

Yes exactly.
Properly read.
Look like a cow now.

Could I get you a smile or even a smile?
Did you possibly make a face?
Do you completely forget everything else?

That’s what this exercise is all about.
Sometimes in life, in everyday work, in the middle of routine, we are stuck.
Find us in a one-way street, turn the thousandth loop of thought, try again to do several things at once, instead of doing one after the other.
Rushing from one appointment to another, completely forgetting to take a break.
Sometimes we even forget to take a deep breath.
Exactly, for such a moment this exercise is meant.
She takes us out for a moment, out of all these things.
Change completely the perspective, gives us a fresh look at us and the situation.

Why a cow?
Well, because I hope that is one of the animals that most people still have in mind and is still peaceful.
It is also with another animal of your choice, your creativity knows no bounds.
As a loving memory, it is also possible to pinning a photo with the animal somewhere or save it on the phone.
This can also help and support, breathe again at the conscious time or forgive yourself for grazing in the pasture.

Well, look like a cow and maybe even just do it.

Muh, best if you’re alone or you do not care what the others say.

Have a wonderful day and have a good time.

You deserve it.

All the best,