When the curtain rises over Queenstown

Queenstown Hill

After two sleepless nights, I woke up relatively rested this morning.
Looking out of bed and past the curtain, I could even discover a bit of sun.
Should the weather forecast for today really come true?
That would be great.
I’ll pack up quickly, but I’m not leaving, but a change of rooms to a four-person room is only for women.
Then checked out briefly, the backpack up and off to the outside.
In the sun I was really warm, but in the shade I shivered a bit.
Out of sheer joy about the sun I only wear shorts and a very summery top.
It only helps to run and run.
Alright, a hot chocolate to warm up gabs then also.
Already in Westport I bought a reusable mug for such occasions, is not he cute? It’s so light that he always travels in the daypack.Hot chocolate
To put one foot in front of the other, to move forward instead of sitting in the room or in the hostel, priceless.
I like Queenstown very much.
This small place is compact, has everything it needs, the cheap supermarket left out, where it is again a short walk.
But I’m already used to that.
I am particularly impressed by the curtain that has lifted.
The view of the mountains offers me a breathtaking panorama.
Nature is a master of her craft.
This morning when I wanted to make my breakfast in this hostel (not at all my favorite, I like it clean and tidy) at the hostel, I realized that my yoghurt is gone. Either eaten by someone else or thrown away.
My first time in this regard, I decided to buy a bagel for breakfast next door and marvel at the painting of the café.Bagel and Balls Shop
Both the café and the mountain panorama compensate me for the lost yoghurt.
Who knows what that is good for.
After all the grief of the last days, at least felt, I feel better, also thanks to the good sleep and the weather.
Another highlight for lunch.
Since I’ve been a vegetarian for about 6 months now, I think burger is right for me. Too bad. Slowly but surely I move around the world as a vegetarian. It often sounds surprising to me to say to myself, I am a vegetarian, but it will.
In the beginning I thought, that means no meat and no fish, done.
No, it’s not that simple. For example, gelatin is used here in New Zealand to stabilize the yoghurts, so always read the list of ingredients or switch to coconut yoghurt. The only problem here is that it is very expensive, even more expensive than anything else.
Oh and gummi bears are also deleted, at least the gold bears.
Is it hard for me to do without?
Admittedly, that’s a change, but that means expanding my culinary horizons. I’m just trying out a lot of different stuff, especially in terms of food. Eat things that I’ve never known before or that sound interesting. Mostly, they also taste good to me. From time to time, as with the seaweed crackers lately not even.
The variety is much bigger than I thought.
Today in Queenstown I went to the best burger shop, there should also be a particularly good vegetarian.
So go there.
Maybe I can continue to eat burgers, just without meat.
Does this taste good?
Let’s see.
However, Fergburger is so well-known that the snake is accordingly long.
Normally, I do not dress then.
This time already.
And my wait should be rewarded.
Two different vegetarian burgers are available to choose one with tofu, the other with falafel.
I choose the falafel burger “Bun Laden”.Bun Laden BUrger Fergburger Queenstown
Already at the sight of my mouth watering.
The burger tastes damn good, just yummieh.
I am alright.
Even seeing the other Fleischburger next door does not bother me.
But on the contrary.
After Burger was told to check in again at the hostel.
The new room is true luxury, even a private toilet and shower we have.
Such little things give me great pleasure.
Outside, the sun is still shining, so it’s time to go out, go for a walk, stroll and co.
Let’s see what else there is to discover.
In the Queenstown Gardens, the sun was peeping out from time to time in the trees, and it shone particularly brightly on this one bank.
My bank, already understood.
Here I just lay down, used my backpack as a pillow and took a little nap.
Just do nothing, think of nothing, just be.
Just before I fell asleep I went on.
For days I walk past this cookie shop.
Every day again and again.
And with what the people came out of it all.
Mmmhhh …
I’ll just go in there and have a look.
Sure, just look.
Rather not.
Very unlikely.
No matter.
Once inside I feel very well.
Although the original Cookie Monster of my childhood are blue and this red, otherwise I can find no serious differences.
I am after a shake and it has something in it.
Excuse me, may I even eat that or is it art?
Wow.Cookie Munchner
Complete sugar shock and just heavenly.
Immediately afterwards I spontaneously walked on the hill of Queenstown.
What in this particular case does not hit the term hill.
970 m are more like a mountain for me.
Especially the way to the path alone is so steep that I would like to talk to the city planners.
Do you have time for tea or coffee?
Meanwhile you could explain to me how to get on such steep roads and roads.
The trail up to the mountain only slightly flatter and the sticks were dry in the hostel.
After a few meters, I wanted to turn around again.
Well, dear piggy had bad luck.
So you can go up.
In the middle I look around, see how the light breaks through the canopies, the shade of the trees gives me cooling and knows where I belong again. No matter how exhausting this is, I’m just getting back more than I thought.
The view was worth every step, every meter.Queenstown Hill
On the way back down I feel my knees, which have turned into jello.
Now I take a break and pack the things for tomorrow.

Have a nice day.

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