Before the arrival lies the way


Already before the alarm ring I woke up.
But instead of rolling me around forever, I just got up.
Full of enthusiasm, I started the day.
Who knows what he will bring?
When getting on the bus heading for Dunedin, a surprise awaited me. The only other person I saw on the bus next to the bus driver of course, Janina.
In the meantime, I believe that there are coincidences and that every day is filled with opportunities and opportunities.
It is up to us to see them and then to use them or not.
Seeing Janina again, knowing someone by my side for this day, with whom I can tie in, instead of starting from scratch, I regard as a great gift.
That was it too.
Together we explored with the others who were still climbing, various coasts, waterfalls, looked at sea lions, went for walks, and so on and so forth.

I was surprised by my bad mood sometime in the afternoon. The bus ride took forever and felt we stopped at each photo lookout point.
Whoa, can we just get there, please?
At first, I condemned myself for it.
Am I ungrateful?
Do not I see this great diversity and nature of this country?
But I do.
In the meantime, it is probably as usual in everyday life, not every new tree moves me a wow or a wonder.
After all, it’s almost without exception here.
Full of unique beauty.
Did I get enough of it?
I think it is rather to capture this every little bit of interest in the photo, to hear all the stories and legends is too much.
I do not even know them all in Germany.
And now, before anyone says, you have chosen yourself, why are you complaining?
I am aware of all that, completely.
I’m just beginning to realize that my way of traveling is usually a completely different one, much less touristy, individual.
So, it’s absolutely up to me to choose this type of travel, which has given me a lot to see in recent weeks.
Only now do I realize that I need something different.
This realization is very valuable for me and yesterday helped me to get in a good mood.
At the moment when I stopped resisting these feelings and started to accept them.
It is like it is.
In the evening I arrived at the hostel, where probably the next days Denglisch is spoken.
So many Germans here, but I wanted to improve my English again.
Well, that’s it.
This morning at breakfast there was a nice event.
Still a little drowsy at breakfast, a lot of my eyes, of course on the bookshelf of the hostel.
And what do I discover in the middle of all the other books?
One of my absolute favorite authors of my youth: Sergio Bambaren.
The book comes first with the same out in the sun.
That seems to be really strong to the enthusiasm of all here today.
So go out.
Dunedin I’m coming.