Standard? 08/15? Or?

Nugget Point

What if that is not it?
The longer I am on my journey, with the multitude of people I speak to, I realize that most of them are one.
Back to Germany?
Or the people my age, yes, most of my friends are building a house, marrying or already having their first children, but me?
No, I can not see myself right now.
To the question: Why are you here? Comes next to the normal, after school or after studying out answers, even another.
The answer: I worked for some time in my job and then it just could not be done anymore. Life has to be more than just work. The other half just got separated or divorced.
I can understand her so well.
Apparently, one way, the standard variant is suggested as normal, education or study, getting married, building a house, children, ready, pension …
Was that it?
That’s all?
Does it boil down to that?
What if not?
I think of all the people I’ve talked to, all the eyes that look at me, full of courage and looking for an alternative.
Currently her alternative is traveling.
We all believe and hope that it will give us the answer or rather the answer.
Maybe because there is no real alternative to this picture of real life?
No matter whether in magazines, books, films or in advertising, this is suggested to us as normal, desirable.
For those, who works and fits, really good, congratulations, that makes me happy.
But I just realize on this journey how much I tried to fit in there over the years.
To make myself fit.
In the end I just wanted to be part of the big community.
A real idea how it should go, if it is not, I did not have.
So I did what everyone did, in hope and faith, will be alright.
I’ve been missing all the time that it’s not mine.
What does that mean to be “normal”?
Why “normal”, I’m not going too?
Or is that too crazy?
Already in Germany I noticed some friends who are currently dealing with the topics of building a house, starting a family or something similar, for me that’s just universes away.
But should that what everyone does not be my way, where does he go then?
My way?
My life.
I wonder if my journey will help me find my own solution, my alternative, whatever it will be.
One thing is for sure, I’ll just start.
This is the first step.