Dunedin and the encounter with my dreams

University of Otago

A mixture of Scotland and student city awaits me here, I was told before.
Much later than usual, I started as usual on the first day in a new city on my reconnaissance tour.
Dunedin unites many old traditional buildings that could come directly from England or even Scotland, with flatter newer buildings.Chamber of Dunedin
High-rise buildings are sought all over New Zealand, except a few isolated in Auckland, by the way, in vain.
First of all, I explored the immediate environment of the hostel, always knowing well what’s all around you.
Then it went down to the infamous station of the city.
The sight of this old building, is something special, generally I am impressed by the rather dark old buildings again and again.Floor in the railway station in Dunedin
Sometimes I stand very devoutly in front of you and ask myself: what could probably tell, would they have a voice? Definitely a lot. How exciting.
In addition to the architectural highlights, I noticed the street art as so often in New Zealand.
Nowhere else in the world have I seen such a variety and then in that precision.
Instead of finding the city full of graffiti, it seems that local artists are asked to come to fruition to match the place and the circumstances.
The topic ranges from funny, creative to more politically serious topics, such as war and immigration.
Everything is represented.

Once upon a time I wanted to go to such an American university, one of those with so many old brick buildings. Of course, including the big campus, as I’ve seen it all too often in the entire American series and movies. All this is completely eliminated, until I stood in front of it today or right in the middle of the campus. The campus of the University of Otago corresponds to what I imagined. For a moment it seemed to me that the dream of that time would finally emerge and be reality, at least for the moment.
That may be a feeling.University of OtagoUniversity of Otago
On my way back to the vicinity of the hostel, coincidence impressed me again. I walk down this street, look around, look here and there.
All of a sudden my gaze sticks, sticking.
I know that person.
At first I did not even know exactly where, only that I know this face.
One of my roommates from Invercargill was sitting in this little asian restaurant.
Our eyes met, albeit a little incredulously at first, then all the more pleased.
So we both sat there for a while and talked like old friends who have a lot to talk about.
Such moments are the real treasures, they are the stories that nobody can think of, no, they write life.
After over 6 hours of walking, exploring, wondering and dreaming, I’m back at the hostel.
What a first day here in Dunedin.
I am looking forward to tomorrow.

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