Fair living, how does that work?

Taste nature shop in Dunedin

Already in my time in Munich, I dealt with the topics: sustainability, healthy food and zero waste.
Here during my trip it comes up again.
But how does that work?
In the welfare of animals, most people seem to agree, free range is better than in the cage.
How is it with us humans?
Are not we originally made to move?
So maybe that’s why sitting is the new smoke?
For me, it has become clear in the meantime, sitting in the office all day, is not appropriate for me or does me well.
Not only do I like the fresh air, the movement of being out in the wild, it seems to me that I feel better.
That is not all.
During my visit to the “taste nature” a wonderful organic food shop and Eatery, I stood there.Taste nature in DunedinTaste nature in Dunedin
A bit overwhelmed and especially with a bad conscience in me.
Did not I want to live zero waste at last?
Yes, of course.
When I still had my own apartment, the whole thing seemed to me more feasible, more realistic.
How does it travel?
I always drink tap water, fill up my water bottles again and again.
Just like today, if this time in a different way. At the tap of a brewery. It’s kind of cool.Wasser auff├╝llen bei der Bierbrauerei
Nevertheless, there are also plastic bags in my backpack, so that my shampoo and shower gel, for example, does not leak (my mother’s advice), and my oil bottle is also a plastic bag.
On the other hand, I now call a stainless steel lunch box since Wellington, which I use diligently.
In view of my great hikes in Europe and the further travel I have several questions:
– How is sustainability related to garbage on long hikes and as a backpacker?
– Can I really eat completely healthy on the long hikes (weight of food in your backpack should not be underestimated)?
– How do I travel almost without trash?

I have not found any answers to these questions yet.
Do not know if it is the right one or just mine.
The key to me is finding out how I can live in this world and respectfully use our natural resources.
After all, I want to live here for a few more years.
New Zealand gives me enough inspiration and inspiration, as it probably will in the other countries I will travel to.
I will keep you up to date.
If you have any tips for me, please contact me, just write in the comments or via email to me: info@vliender.de