Travelling on my own

Be free

But you do not make your journey alone?
How exactly and well I can remember these and similar questions before my trip.
But I do.
All alone.
Even as a woman.
Imagine that.
In 2018.
Apart from the fact that I’m not in the Middle East or the Bronx or in a war zone, I dare to travel alone as a woman.
Most of the countries I visit this year even leave their front doors open, just to make it easy for the burglars to get straight out of the house.
No, joking aside.
Being alone on the road is a great freedom for me to recognize the opportunity where otherwise I would only compromise again.
On the other hand, I am on my own, see what I can or must do on my own.
Depending on how I look at it.
I can do what I want without taking anybody into consideration.
In the last few days, I am only painfully aware that I just lack a private little retreat.
A place where I can only be for myself.
Nowhere am I alone or alone.
Can me and what is there run wild.
That’s missing.
Makes me restless.
I need a solution for that.
In the future and for that I am very grateful, even if I still can not quite believe it, I will own this place.
My tent for the rest of the journey in Europe has already been bought.
For New Zealand and the last few weeks here the accommodations already booked.
So I’ll come up with something different for the time.
Another point of traveling alone is to be thrown back on yourself.
There is nobody else.
Even if I’m never really alone, there is no point of friction or someone to argue or even hug.
Something I just miss.
There is no one around here who distributes free hugs.
That’s a pity.
Maybe I should stand down.
Crazy idea.
Well, traveling alone makes me realize what I have to my loved one.
That feels good.
For the other things I will definitely find solutions.
For example, I could hug trees tomorrow.
They are sure to be happy and already know that.
And no that’s not crazy but just beautiful.
I already did that.
Only in Spain, I can not recommend it, they are not used to it.
Despite and because of everything, I am happy to travel alone, it gives me time and space but sometimes forced to deal with myself.
Now it’s time to sleep and tomorrow, yes, I’m looking forward to a new day.
The last one here in Dunedin before it’s Sunday again.
This trip is definitely the craziest thing I have ever done in my life and at the same time the best.