My Poncho and me

Mein Regenponcho und ich

I’m sitting here in a small café with hot chocolate and a little bit of heat.
Interestingly, the day started well rested.
Everyone else I could hear is getting  ready for the bus, slamming the doors, talking briefly and I just lying in my bed.
Unlike you, I stay here for another night with a few others.
So I just stayed a little bit lying down.
Which was not so easy, because as soon as the others had left the area, the housekeeping started to work.
Sleep was out of the question, okay, I’ll make breakfast.
During the morning it started to rain, at first I thought it will stop, so I can walk in the afternoon.
But the weather did not please me.
I do not care.
What some women have in their handbags?
I ask myself this question now and then too.
Today, however, it was about what I have in my backpack.
Oh, exactly the red poncho.
Mom, you know which one I mean.
How good that I have him ready.
He wants to be tested before my long hikes.
Now there was no good excuse for me not to go outside.
Just off in the clothes, backpack on and off.
In the middle of the rain, I originally just wanted to run a bit.
Meanwhile, however, I come more and more often to the point when running, there it is like a self-runner, in the truest sense of the word.
I just walk without much thought, it just happens.
Sometimes I completely forget that I am running.
So now.
This beautiful landscape takes me as I walk step by step.
Again the walk will be longer than planned, but that does not matter.
I have time or I just take it.
On my way back here in the café, while warming up, I met a nice Dutch couple, we talked briefly and then they left.
It’s time for me to go because the café closes.
Back to the hostel, clothes on again and let the rest of the day relax.
Tomorrow we will go to Christchurch.
Get on the bus for the last time and then this chapter is complete, Christchurch is still ahead of me.
On the other hand, my time on the bus is over, I spent more than 1 1/2 months mostly sitting in the bus and driving from A to B.
Always with short stops in the main squares and attractions of the country.
What a crazy time, but sometimes also exhausting and adventurous time is behind me in this regard.
When I think back to it, I can not resist a big smile all over my face.
No, with the best will not, too much has happened.
Let’s see how I spend the coming weeks in Christchurch.
I’m curious.