Tired and lucky

Oh man, that’s my alarm clock.
Get up.
Getting up is announced.
My plan last night, go to bed early, sleep a lot, so I can start the day fresh rested this morning.
These plans always.
In bed I was also very early, but I just did not sleep.
Unlike usual, roommates came in there with whom I talked too well.
About everything, how should I sleep there as well?
So again with little sleep in the bus.
But not without first getting me a big pretzel for breakfast from probably the only baker in all of New Zealand.
Properly read, a pretzel.
If there is something I miss then pretzels among others pretzel.
And I can only recommend these in Queenstown with the best of my conscience.
After enjoying this treat outside in the fresh air, it went off in the bus.
The fatigue drove me from one moment to the next, so much so that, contrary to my usual routine, I went to sleep on the bus.
Several nights without a good night’s sleep are simply not for me anymore.
No idea how I used to do this at university time, even to get something in the university on the series.
Looking back, I admire that very much.
Our journey takes us only briefly to the so-called photo stops, otherwise we drive almost without exception directly towards the destination.
With time it gets hotter and hotter, the sun sometimes burns properly.
The weather is changing so fast, you can not look.
At the end we arrived at our campsite at Lake Tekapo.
What a sight, this turquoise water, the sun and the framing mountains.
Shortly after arriving, I was drawn out to the fresh air.Lake view
After all, there must be a bit of tiredness left at night.
As I was about to go on the trail, I met a few other people on the bus who also wanted to climb the mountain.
Why not go hiking together for a change?
Something else.
We went up to five on the mountain, came in the end but only with three people back down.
We did not leave the other two behind, no.
They just wanted to take so many pictures, so we just went further.
To talk while hiking, to smile, not to get a circulatory collapse, always looks super easy in the movies.
Just like all the joggers who walk and talk and talk in that damn light-footed way.
That overburdens me.
Not only that, the slope had it again, no, I felt sweat everywhere.
In between, I really thought, where is my oxygen?
In the end, I made it together with the others, however, up to the very top of the mountain.
Of course, there were taken proof photos.
This time I also had one of me.
Looking later at the photo, I was warmly warm heart.
For me, this photo exudes so much joy, despite all the effort, pride and freedom.
Not to mention the priceless view from the top of the whole area.
This vastness, the mountains and the colors of the lake, the river.
A sight that I will not forget soon.
Back downstairs I enjoyed a hot shower, chatted to dinner with a few others before I fell exhausted and happy early in bed.

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