Heaven send you

Streetart Christchurch

These are the words this young woman said to me a few hours ago.
My day had been very quiet until then, a small long walk, a short stop at the tourist information and here and there to see what there is.
At noon I found a small sweet cheese shop with attached bakery.
I was very impressed and fascinated by this delicious bread.
Really freshly baked bread.
This is next to the supermarket toast, something very special for me.
And then that too.
How long have I not eaten cheese?
Except for pizza.
Although the cheese counters always look very nice here in the supermarkets, what about a kilo of cheese or a big wheel?
Very happy, I bit a few minutes later, into my cheese sandwich with New Zealand Brie.
Yummy, I tell you.
From there I went to the supermarket and back to the hostel.
Finally, I wanted to wash my clothes today, tomorrow it rains and as I know now, the dryer does not work so well with my functional clothing.
Phew, maybe I did not suddenly increase in 3 days.
That’s right, it could have been because something has come in a bit.
Helps probably only lose weight.
No matter.
When I arrived at the hostel, I took a short break and waited for the washing machine to be released.
During this time I was planning again and wrote in my notebook in front of me.
At the other end of the table sat a young woman, about my age.
Our eyes crossed, we exchanged a smile.
Then I saw her crutches and asked what happened.
With their mastery it was over, the tears came.
Without thinking about it, I sat down beside her and hugged her.
We talked and then she said the words to me: “Heaven sends you”
One question that I took with me on my journey, hoping to find an answer at some point, is how it goes on for me professionally afterwards.
The answer I know in truth already much longer, so far I lacked the courage or I did not know if I can.
Already in the short time that I am on this journey, I meet again and again people like today this young woman, which encourage me in it or let me do in a natural way what I will do professionally.
I realized in the conversation, as much as she needed me today, I needed her to finally dispel the last doubt.
For me, this realization is a great gift.
After the conversation I was able to wash my clothes and then we went for a walk together.
Now I’m lying on my bed, the laundry is not dry yet, which means I’ll sleep in my dress, but I’ll survive that, too.
Rather, I realize, she also sent the sky.
Both of us should meet today and make the best of it.
What a day.

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