One chapter closes, the next one starts

Cathedral Square

This morning I had to get up again, pack things, have breakfast and off to the bus.
I have been longing for this day for a couple of weeks, no matter how nice it was somewhere, there was always something in my head, Christchurch is coming soon.
And now the time has come.
Suddenly, a lot of me fell off the bus.
After a message from a good friend, the tears then just ran down so.
All the nice exciting things, the last 2 months, came back to me.
How much I have experienced in this short time, I am not always aware and sometimes it comes suddenly as today.
With the bus I drove now within a short time once across New Zealand.
From the northernmost point of the country, Cape Reinga, over the southernmost town of Buff, until here to Christchurch.
Get on the bus every time, get to know new people, look at sights, take photos, go on excursions, pure nature, one highlight followed the other.
To get some air or even take a break, there was hardly any time, especially on the North Island.
Arrived on the South Island, I took more time at the individual places, but here too I experienced a hell of a lot.
For example, when I walked for over 5 hours on foot, but for the first time, just to visit a supermarket.
Or jumping down the waterfalls in Waitomo, in the dark.
Sometimes it seems so damned long ago, but in reality it is not.
What will await me here in Christchurch in the coming weeks?
No idea.
At least I got off the bus with the feeling that this chapter is now complete and the new one is Christchurch.
The last time I looked at the bus, I was almost wistful.
Only shortly after my arrival at the hostel, of course I am going again.
Meanwhile, more than 3 hours on the road, I look a bit the area.
At first glance, the city is confusing, almost disturbing.
I had not imagined Christchurch so intent on destroying myself.
But it is not really surprising.
What is now visible, what is being worked at full speed, are the wounds of the city.
A whole series of earthquakes shook New Zealand’s second-largest city to its foundations.
Various old buildings are trying to preserve, in other places are already built new modern buildings, in between more and more often the ruins of other houses.
Despite everything or just because of everything, I feel a lot of hope here.
There are also some street art, but unlike in Dunedin, the focus is quite different.
Christchurch is just being forced to reinvent itself.
Only in about 5-10 years, the city will shine again in new splendor, as they will look like.
Now I continue to run and look around a bit.

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