Breakfast at the farmers market

Brotrutsche auf dem Farmers Market

Weekend, it’s Saturday.
That is, Farmers Market.
Although I might not be too enthusiastic after yesterday.
Yesterday was Friday and every Friday is here in Christchurch Food Market.
After a longer walk, I arrived in the afternoon in the area where the market was supposed to be.
I looked around, but I did not find him.
So I spontaneously asked someone again.
In my experience so far, food markets are mostly larger collections of different stalls with goodies from all over the world and several food trucks.
This thing with the expectations and comparisons, maybe I should really let it be once and for all.
Can in the end only go wrong, right?
At least that’s what I think.
Yesterday only about 5 small cars expected me, in which there were different things, but none of them really spoke.
So I went on hungry.
Hungry to walk around looking for food, not necessarily the best idea.
As I searched, I wondered what I really am.
It makes sense to think about it before.
All of a sudden pancakes pop into my mind.
But where can I find pancakes here?
Burgers, fries, cafes and co are on every corner.
But after some searching I found a very small sweet café where I should get my pancakes.
When I got the plate, however, they looked like art.
Can I really eat this?Pfannkuchen in Penelope’s Deli
Yes, it does not look any better and I’m not full.
True again, so I let it taste me.

Towards evening, I started again, according to Google, there was a shopping center in the distance.
A real thing, at least as I am used to it, has not yet come to me in New Zealand, except in Auckland.
After a few kilometers walk I arrived and had to smile a lot.
No, it’s clear.
The mall was effectively a McDonald’s store, a small line where there were several food stalls, a grocery store, the post office, a pizza shop, a sort of Deichmann and a few isolated shops.
It did not invite me to stay.
I’m just wondering if it’s because of the earthquake?
Maybe some of this is a kind of provisional and I’m pretty tough with my judgment.
There they are again, the expectations.
How do I get rid of them?
Is that all right?

This morning I looked again at the road to Farmer Market on the map and spontaneously decided to have breakfast there.
At the same time, I was hoping that there would be a lot of choice there.
By the way, shortly before my arrival at the market, I realized that the way to get there is far beyond that.
But after 4 km I arrived and was damn positively surprised.
In the middle of a small park, there was really everything your heart desires, even Dutch specialties and something to try.
Here my heart beats higher and higher.
There is live music, a small rippling river to sit on and then just stroll and stroll.
Gorgeous, free sunshine for free.
So I imagine a relaxed start to the weekend.

After I had seen everything, I decided spontaneously for, big surprise for pancakes, but this time crêpes.
Tasty and highly recommended, while sitting in the sun and take a short break.
For the way back I took something from the garlic bread as a way to eat and talked to me here a bit with the owner of the stand.
Special highlight, the bread slide.
I’m sure I’ll go to the market again next week, but for that it’s nice to be in one place for longer, you know where it’s good.
On the way back to the hostel I looked at the last preparations of the lantern festival, which starts here today.
Exciting what I expected there.
Culinary, musical and lanterns?

I wish you a wonderful start into the weekend.

All the best from Christchurch