Is red here maybe green?

Tram in Christchurch

Or are most people in Christchurch suffering from red-green blindness?
Otherwise, I would have to accept almost yes, they do that consciously and deliberately.
Every time when standing at a pedestrian crossing it happens.
People arrive, press the button and then, without waiting to see if it turns green, they start running.
Is pressing the button the liberation and gives them the right, because they pressed yes, also to run without it is green?
Yesterday I tried it myself.
But shortly afterwards, my bad conscience tormented me.
Typically German, I guess or just my good education.
No idea.
I mean, I admit to sometimes in Germany I do that too, but then I do not press the button beforehand.
So I continue to stand obediently at the traffic light and wait for the green.
Although I have to admit one thing, the green phases are damn short, it does not matter how wide the road is to cross it.
No matter.
I’ll keep watching and maybe I’ll ask somebody, it would interest me already.