Bumblebees in the butt

Ich mit Hummeln im Hintern

Sunday, still weekend.
The best time and opportunity to just relax.
At least theoretically.
For me it was said after breakfast: And now? What do I do now?
Neither the hammock called me or a good book saved me from running away.
But on the contrary.
Everything in me seemed to say, move on.
Yes, yes, that’s good.
How charming.
After a quick look at the map, I decided to visit a mall “The Tannery”, while looking at the pictures, I had to think a bit about Covent Garden, in London.
Des drove the enthusiasm forward immediately.
Said and done.

Just a few minutes later I started walking.
Along a long and busy street, we headed for the mall.
In between, I kept asking if I’m still correct.
Some people looked at me in disbelief because they found the idea of ​​walking on a Sunday or simply generally unimaginable.
That’s how I am.
Arrived at the mall, I looked around the small shops in peace, strolling around, talked to the flower seller about the difference from German to New Zealand flower shops, took a look in the bookstore and in the next store my heart beat higher.
How good that I have two good excuses to buy nothing.
Firstly, my budget is almost exhausted for New Zealand, secondly there is limited space in my backpack and thirdly, I do not even have an apartment where it can go.
So it’s eye shopping.

Somehow much gentler for my purse, I do not have to wear anything and ultimately not even what dust.
After a short break I already ran back.
Just arrived back at the hostel my bumblebees now seem to be calm.
This is really merciful, my feet thank them as well.
My plan yesterday was to finally relax today.
No, sure.

Since you are still on Sunday, I wish you a nice and relaxed.

Best regards,