I only talk IKEA

Streetart in Dunedin

There are moments like this.
Oh yeah.
Yesterday, for example.
Following situation:
I am sitting in the hostel kitchen with another German young woman, we both in front of our laptops, just babbling in between.
How pleasant is that please.
With all the sites I call, I come to those I really need or care about.
The only drawback, they are in Swedish, the button to switch or the flag, there is usually, I just do not find.
So, I say to myself: “That’s all in Swedish. Menno. I only speak Ikea. ”
Completely serious, without thinking about it, I want to continue.
The young woman looks up, looks at me.
“What did you just say?” She asks me.
“You mean that all this is only in Swedish and I can only Ikea?” I reply irritated, still ignorant.
When she looks at me then, shakes her head and loudly starts to laugh, it dawns on me too.
I speak or can only IKEA.
Exactly, Jaqueline.
No, sure.
You again.
Yes I.
But in my defense, I must confess that I know the only Swedish words that I can say IKEA.
Thanks, Ikea.
When writing these lines, I can not help laughing.
Laughing is doing so well.

At noon there was a premiere for me.
For most of you a matter of course, I think.
But for the first time, I made myself fried potatoes with stewed onions.
Mmmmh, yummy, the backpacker’s low budget heart is higher, cheap, easy and so good.
What I will probably learn or discover in this regard for courts. 

Especially grateful and beautiful, I did not dare to accept it before.
The spirit of sharing that I find here, as strong as anywhere else before.
Everything we no longer need backpackers, most food, because we do not like it or we have bought too much, we put in the free food compartment. The one who needs it or feels like it can take it. In the last days and this morning again I came to things that I originally wanted to buy in the supermarket. Not only that I have saved something again, no but this spirit that is omnipresent in the hostels as well as on the journey fills me with thankful and humble, we share, help support each other.
That makes the difference for me.
Even with conversations, we come here to the point much faster, as with an onion it seems, the small talk (outer layer) we just save.
A real treat.
In the end, we are all, not just traveling, but always, a big community.

Today I’m curious about the next hostel I’m moving to, I think it’s nice to stay in the same city, just move to the next neighborhood.

Fittingly, the sun shines.

Therefore to you all sunny greetings from CC