When autumn suddenly appears

Herbst in Christchurch

Well, so completely unromantic bursts into the summer, just take him from any strength.
He really dares what, the fall.
From one moment to the next, the leaves are coloring, the temperatures are doing what they want, and is it fitting that they will turn brown or how?
Is this going on differently and at twice the speed than in Europe?
Yesterday, I was still sitting in the botanical garden, got neat color on my face, crossed the rose garden, breathed deeply and blissfully the variety of rose scents.

Quite different today, after a few hours, the cold wind suddenly came along, the temperatures dropped and so far there is no change in sight.
That was probably the New Zealand Summer.
I enjoy every other ray of sunshine, which I can find in the remaining 11 days.
Back in Germany at the end of the month, spring is waiting for me to change from the beginning of autumn to spring.
11 days left, then the adventure New Zealand is over.
Somehow I do not understand that yet.
Maybe that’s because I’m just too confused.
Move me in an emotional intermediate world, still here, then not again.
Feelings are strange, will I ever understand them?
I calm down in my last days, try to take a break more often, go for a walk and take time for myself.
Because if I have underestimated something, this trip does not suddenly end or I take leave of it, this now is my life.
How many people do I meet here, who go back to a new or their old job, to their flat, their lives.
When I left in December, I left all that behind.
Gave up my home, the household, and my job too.
Sorted out my whole life, kept only what is absolutely important to me and fit in a few moving boxes that are now with my parents.
I find that as soon as I meet people on my journey and tell them about it, they are shocked, admiring me, saying they can not or will find it courageous.
Every time it irritates me again, this step was for me after all only  the logical consequence, seemed to me nothing else sensible or even logical.
But by now, what dawn on my mind is dawning on me, begin to understand what the thought alone is doing with them.
How many times did I admire all those people who did just that, looked up to what it would be like to do something like that.
For me the whole thing but dismissed, too uncertain, completely crazy.
Sometimes when looking in the mirror, I have to laugh a lot, as I discover this young woman, myself, who has done just that herself.
Am I crazy now?
No, on the contrary I followed the call of my heart and started to go.
And New Zealand is just the beginning, even more so.