The magic place

Hope Streetart Christchurch

This city has every conceivable reason to poke its head in the sand.
Maybe even melted with self-pity, being angry, full of anger and desperation.
But of all this I find absolutely nothing here.
But on the contrary.
Christchurch is the epitome of hope, trust and fellowship.
Even after all the years of reconstruction, the devastating traces of earthquakes are still ubiquitous, visible.
When crossing this city, when talking to the people who live here, I often get goose bumps.
Each of you, as well as the actions that are taken, for example, these in the photos, make you courage, show hope, reflect the irrefutable belief in life, the community in which you all live here again.

Everywhere in New Zealand, I met wonderful open and very warm people, so perhaps I was not so prepared that an increase of this is even possible.
Is it.
Christchurch is the living proof.
At the same time, the city and the people living in it show me how important the perspective is from which we look at something.
Whether our glass is half full or half empty.
In New Zealand, the glass is always half full.
In any case, I will take this teaching, this feeling of self and the life of faith.
Thank you, Christchurch, what valuable experience and insight.

So I’m going to enjoy the last days here and go catch a few more sunbeams.Ich

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