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JJucy Snooze Christchurch

Is that sleeping the future?
Originally, the trend comes from Japan, how fitting that I was able to talk to a Japanese woman about this topic last night.
When thinking about accommodating as many people as possible in a small space, they came up with the idea to develop so-called sleeping capsules. I admit that at the beginning I was skeptical, but at first sight it looked like I was sleeping in a microwave oven.
Especially the question, how close is that in there? Just turn it around once, if that’s all, and that’s it? Please do not.
But I was pleasantly surprised.
Immediately upon my arrival here in the new and last hostel of the trip here in New Zealand, I felt equally comfortable.
The bright, cheerful colors, the light-flooded open architectural character, convinced me positively from the first moment.
In the common area  plenty of things can be found, ​​hammock, seating area, bar stools, dining table, play area and bean bags, which you can lie down individually, something for everyone. A feeling of coming home and feeling good, just around the corner from the airport, at an unbeatable price.Jucy Snooze Christchurch
Now missing the most important thing, my sleeping place.
A pod, that’s why these hostels are also called podhostels and can look very different, I was told, the original character is that of a separate capsule for everyone.
My own little capsule, it was love at first sight, is so big that I can even sit upright in it, wide enough to spread in, peep through a blind for sleeping in the dark, and have a few more comforts.Jucy Snooze Christchurch

The pod contains:
– A mesh compartment for storing small things
– Control center for the temperature and light in the pod
– 2 sockets for USB, 1 normal socket
– Lamp in the pod
– small back pad to lean against while sitting in the pod
– Rollo to darken the pod
– a real fluffy duvet
– real pillow (more is free on request)

Jucy Snooze ChristchurchThe pod also has a 4-digit code secured safe, directly under the pod, in which even the length of my complete backpack and another bag find space.Jucy Snoze Christchurch
As additional Gimmik can be found on the outside blinds various motifs.JJucy Snooze Christchurch
The overall impression is absolutely positive, even after the first night he persists, for a long time I could not sleep so well and snoring free.
What a blessing.

This type of hostel is spread all over New Zealand, for me it’s definitely the first, but certainly not the last visit to a podhostel.
More information about this hostel can be found at: []

I make myself comfortable here in my new home first, outside it rains, how good that indoors a oasis of well-being is waiting to be conquered by me.

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