About me

Jaqueline Claus

Great that you’re here.

I’m glad you found the way on my blog.

Who is behind this blog?

This is me.

Jaqueline Claus, 30 years old and the face behind the blog vliender.

This is where the two things that which are important to me, the writing and the joy of life come together.

Ever since I was a kid, I have enjoyed reading, immersing myself in new worlds, could simply spend hours poking my head into a book, completely forgetting about the world around me.

A real bookworm.

The love of books has remained until today, so there are always book recommendations from me here.

In my youth, I also began to write myself, for many years it was only poetry, in the meantime, short stories, articles or other texts or sayings have been added.

Meanwhile, writing feels like breathing.

As soon as I do not write anything for several days, I’m missing something.

A few years ago, for the first time, I heard about something that completely changed my life.

That it exists, I did not know anything about it until then.

For me it was like a blind spot or just like a completely undiscovered piece of land on the world map.

What I mean is


Not only did I learn that it exists, but I also realized that I had no idea how it works.

Love yourself.

What does that mean?

How is that possible?

In the meantime, I start to understand what it means, how it could work.

Try it every day, face the daily challenge.

Learn new things every day, try out, make self-experiments, exchange.

In the beginning, I was still under the mistaken belief that there is this one way of self-love, which I had to follow to become happy.

Today I know it, it is also here as so often in life, the one right way, does not exist, only your own way.

I go now and take the opportunity here on my blog, to share my thoughts, experiences and the stories that life writes.

What can I find here on the blog anyway?

A great variety.

More precisely:

simple recipes for cooking or baking

Poetry & Short Stories

Claims & Questions

Mental stories of people who inspire and / or touch me

book recommendations

Texts and stories about life

from me for you.

Why is the blog called vliender and what does that mean ?

The word “Vliender” comes from the Dutch and means translated: ¬†butterfly.

In the beginning it is a caterpillar, later he develops and transformes into a butterfly.

It is a development, a process.

The caterpillar will never know what it’s like to fly, to look at everything from above, as long as it’s a caterpillar.

As a butterfly, it will learn to fly, to look at the world suddenly and with completely different eyes.

As a result, it learns to know herself and the whole environment again completely new, forced.

This is a great opportunity and, with all the change, requires as much courage as life does.

In my blog, I write about life, self-love, the stories that life writes and try to encourage, to go its own way, but above all to go on the journey to yourself.

Often it is important to understand from which perspective we look at something, and then to risk a change of perspective.

“It’s the end of the world,” said the caterpillar.

It’s just the beginning, said the butterfly. “

All the best,


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